A Look at The Current State of Content Marketing (Infographic)

Whether you are an online marketer, a business manager, or a freelance creative, you can benefit from keeping your finger on the pulse of the content marketing industry, which is projected to be worth $300 billion dollars by 2019. When you consider the potential of content marketing to increase a company’s visibility and improve its search rankings, it is easy to understand why the industry is worth so much; content marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional methods of marketing, and it can generate three times as many leads.

To get the most of your content marketing efforts, you need to have a sound strategy. Sadly, almost 40 percent of company employees in a survey by CopyPress said that they believe the efforts of their on-staff content marketers aren’t very effective or aren’t effective at all. This could be to a lack of a truly knowledgeable plan of attack; it is vital that marketers understand what type of content to create and how to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. The problem may also be that many companies aren’t confident that they publish the right amount of content; only 22 perfect feel that they publish the perfect amount.

Perfecting your content marketing is a constant project that requires you to stay alert to trends in the industry. To learn more about the content marketing ecosystem, peruse this infographic from CopyPress. You’ll find insights from over 300 people who are involved with content creation.

content marketing infographic