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HungryFEED Plugin Curates Blog Feeds

HungryFEED Plugin for Wordpress lets you offer great news from your favorite blogs on your own website pages. For example,...

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Gravatar Problems Caused by Bad Email and URL Links

Got Gravatar problems? A few of you bloggers are probably wrestling with Gravatars and WordPress bio profiles! Your Gravatar Problems...

WordPress Blog Drafts – Tips for Editors and Contributors

WordPress Blog Drafts – Tips for Editors and Contributors

WordPress blog drafts, editing and automated scheduling can be accomplished easily and effectively from right inside a WordPress website’s dashboard...

SEO Basics

SEO Basics for Blog Pages

What are the SEO BASICS?  Your blog pages must use SEO basics if you want search engines like Google and...

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Search Engine Journal Blog RSS Feed

Search Engine Journal’s Blog is Immense. Started in 2003, SEJ has its own community-based approach to search marketing content. Nearly...


The Social Observer from SNHU.EDU

The Social Observer is a blog produced by a collaboration of graduate students past and present with diverse experience in...

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Hootsuite Tutorial Videos

Hootsuite tutorial videos from Hootsuite University will help you understand the basic techniques for easily publishing, promoting and tracking your...

SNHU Online Degree

SNHU Online Degree

We recommend any SNHU Online Degree Online Marketing Courses!  (This website is not affiliated with Southern New Hampshire University.) —-

4 Sure-Fire Marketing Strategies for Your Blog

What makes good blogs great? How do small, start-up blog efforts eventually develop massive followings and end up supporting the blogger full time? How do businesses create blog sites that become active sources of new leads and revenue? These questions…

Study Reports Majority of Marketers Spend Less Than 10% on Paid Social