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About this contact page and contact form plugin: “FAST SECURE PLUGIN” for WordPress

contactThis contact form was created with the free plugin called “Fast Secure Contact Forms” by Mike Challis. It’s the easiest contact form plugin we have ever used and the captcha function works perfectly without doing any code editing. If you don’t want to edit anything, it’s ready to go as soon as you install it. But if you want to customize anything on the contact form, just select your fields, edit many options easily (we didn’t use any here) and you are ready to go. This plugin is very highly recommended. It’s easy to use the instructions if you need them (we did not) and they are visibil right there in the interface – no need to consult the website for complicated settings advice.  About general contact form plugins: whenever you install a forms plugin you will need to look for ways to set the settings, which can be located in various spots in your left margin of your WordPress dashboard. Sometimes the settings are done in the plugins area, from the plugin entry itself. If you don’t see it there, check your “tools” or “settings” or check for a new tab in the margin with the title or topic of the plugin.  If you try using Captcha with other plugins you may have to do additional coding or register security settings at another location. (That is not the case with the plugin we use here and recommend on this page.)  If you do not use captcha or some other spam and spambot security you will get slammed with thousands of pieces of junk and will not be able to moderate genuine messages and comments. You should also never use an important email address with anything on your Wordpress site that interacts with the public in any way. We recommend you have a separate email for every site that is not important or traceable if you get hacked or cracked… don’t get smacked! You should also read our posts about internet and WordPress security.