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Getty Images announced on March 5, 2014 that they are “leading the way in creating a more visual world.” They now offer a FREE new embed feature that makes it possible for internet publishers to easily and legally have free access to images they will let you share on your websites, blogs, and social media pages.  You can embed an iframe code that will automatically display your selected image – copying and pasting images is not allowed. However, users may purchase higher resolution versions of the same images for legal use in the same way that Getty Images has been offering images purchases for years.  Getty Images says this allows them to accomodate the popular practice that bloggers and social media users have been doing already – lifting images for use without permission and without attributing the work.  With this new strategy and embed too, users will be able to access low resolution versions of Getty Images content while enabling automatic attribution and no fear of illegal usage. It is unclear how soon it will be easy to find images that are embeddable – to date, many of the images tested by our editors are NOT showing embed codes with the images.
Other resources for finding FREE images include .gov websites and the Wikimedia online encyclopedia pages. Image re-publishers should also fully understand “fair use”  and other legal considerations for online media.
SEO note: using the embedding feature does NOT necessarily count as an “image” in terms of SEO ranking on your webpage. But it may be valuable for offering interesting and legal images on all your blog article pages.

Use thousands of Getty Images on your blog website or social media sites

How the Getty Images Free Embed Tool Works:

  1. Go to Click an image’s embed icon(</>) from the search results or image detail page.
  2. In the embed window that pops up, just copy the embed code (an iframe piece of code.)
  3. Paste the HTML code you copied into the source code of your website/blog/social page where you want this image to appear. For full details on how embedded images may be used, read Terms of Use.
  4. Just publish the page and the image will automatically appear and can be shared.

Other resources to purchase royalty-free images:


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