Google Analytics Users: How to get to GA dashboard from your Google Account

google-analytics-product-icon-150pxGoogle Analytics Users: Having trouble figuring out how to get to the analytics dashboard from your new Google Account?  Trying to get into another Google Analytics account after being invited as a guest user? Either way, the navigation path to get into the analytics dashboard can be confusing and unclear at first. If you have been added as a “user” to a Google Analytics (GA) account that belongs to another organization’s website, there are specific steps you must follow before you can successfully get into their GA account interface – all explained below. Bear in mind when you read these instructions that you need to understand and use two different types of accounts: (1) your own “Google account” and (2) the “Google Analytics account” which belongs to the organization who is trying to add you as a “user” into their GA account and interface. You will also be prompted to add your own “Google Analytics home page” to your own Google account once you have been added as a user the other organization’s GA account

Get a basic Google account and Register Your Preferred Email

If you are being added or invited to be a user in another organization’s Google Analytics account, you must first be added to that account by the administrator. They will need to invite you by entering an email address that Google can recognize and they may opt to make Google send you an email notification when they add you. If Google does not recognize your email address they will not be able to add you to their account. Google will recognize any gmail account you already have, or you can add an “non gmail” email address to your existing Google account and Google will recognize that email also. Click on this other excellent article to read about adding any email address that’s a “non gmail” email address to your Google account.

After you have been successfully added to the organization’s Google Analytics account by their administrator you will be able to get into that account by first going to your own Google account to log in and click to their account. When you log in to your own Google account, try using the same email address you gave to the organization that is adding you as one of their users, or you might have to start with whatever gmail address you might have originally used to start your own Google account.

You can try to get into the other organization’s GA account in two ways: (1) from an email invitation link or (2) from your own Google account dashboard. Both methods are described below:

To Get Into A Google Analytics Users Dashboard From An Invitation Email Link:

When in your own Google account, you may see a notification about the invitation that takes you to your email account. Then you can open the invitation email that has a link inviting you to start using the other organizations GA account. You can open that email and click on the link to start navigating to the GA account.  Or you can just to to your email account, you don’t have to click on the notification.

Google Analytics Users 1Google Analytics Users 2

After you click the email link you will see something like this:

Google Analytics Users 3

Click on “Access to Google Analytics.” This will take you to the first “home” screen for your OWN Google Analytics account first. You may already have your own website registered in this account or you may only see the other organization’s GA account if you haven’t set up GA before. You may have an extra step not seen here about setting up Google Analytics – just follow the directions if you are told to. But from then on you will see ALL your GA website accounts in your own GA “home” page, like this:

Google Analytics Users 4

You can ignore the .js upgrade for now. To continue to the GA account, click on the other organization’s website name. It may open a new drop down menu underneath, click on the bottom one:

Google Analytics Users 5

Now you should be in the GA interface for the other organization’s website GA account. Once you are here you need to learn about using dashboards and reports first, and the millions of ways you can set up GA to track and report on the activity you want. You can find GA Academy video tutorial links at this other web page about GA basics.

Google Analytics Users 6

Get into Google Analytics Users Dashboard from your Google Account Home Page:

Depending on your cache settings and browser you may see images a bit different than what is presented here, but this is the usual chain of steps that will take you to the organization’s GA if you try to go there after you log into your GA account (but without clicking from an email link first:)

When you log in to your own Google account you want to find your dashboard. If you don’t see it immediately find the “my account” link. Your dashboard will look something like this image below (but Google changes this frequently, look around for similar links if your view looks different.)

Google Analytics Users 7

Click on “Data Tools” and you get a screen that looks something like this:

Google Analytics Users 8

Click on “View Account Data” to get to your “home page” of your Google account, as already explained above

Google Analytics Users 4

If all else fails contact the organization that is trying to add you as a user for help!