Gravatar Problems Caused by Bad Email and URL Links

gravatar problemsGot Gravatar problems? A few of you bloggers are probably wrestling with Gravatars and WordPress bio profiles! Your Gravatar Problems caused by bad email and URL links can be fixed with a little patience and a lot of clicking! First, be sure you go into the WordPress dashboard where you filled in your profile/user bio information. While there also check on your userID and doublecheck the email address you entered there.  Check for typos everywhere, especially if you also enter a website URL into your profile, too.  Your Gravatar account settings for those bits of information have to match perfectly to work correctly, especially based on email addresses you use. Email addresses are the most important element and most people who have problems think they entered everything consistently, but then later realize they “oops” used that old email address they forgot about!  Check your WordPress Gravatar account for all email settings, etc.

Your Gravatar Problems caused by bad email and URL links can be fixed.

There are also some browser issues!  If you think everything should be working right but it doesn’t, try clearing your cache if you can’t see Gravatars etc. Try other browsers.

If you do this right your comments on many websites will also show your Gravatar image. Many also have hovercards enabled which not only looks cool, but it helps people link to your Gravatar profile.  See the comments on this sample website page for examples of how the Gravatar and Hovercards work for people who commented on the article.