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Hootsuite tutorial videos from Hootsuite University will help you understand the basic techniques for easily publishing, promoting and tracking your social media posts on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Hootsuite is one of the most popular and famous media promotion softwares. Hootsuite offers a free version that allows you to broadcast your wordpress posts (or any other web content) for 2 platforms (people usually select Facebook and Twitter, or their other favorite accounts such as Pinterest and many others.)  From the free account you can track reposts, retweets etc, schedule your broadcasts and explore limited metrics reporting.  The main Hootsuite tutorial video on this page shows you how to get started with the free account. But the company also has “pro” accounts that allow for teams of users to interact on many more platforms and pull much more robust metrics tracking.

Learn to use Hootsuite with these Tutorial Videos

Hover over the video you see to reveal more video titles and topics. Or, click over to see their webinar about getting started with your free account.

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Learn Hootsuite Social Media PublishingThis Hootsuite tutorials “video bar” was embedded using the Hootsuite Hot 100 embedding code provided on their website for this kind of purpose. It’s unusual to see a site easily offer up code for you to do this. But, once you find and copy any kind of code, when editing your post, select the “text” tab under the title bar in your interface and past the code into the area you want the media to appear. The “text” edit mode allows you to see the “html code version” of your post (and edit it), as opposed to the “visual” tab that shows you just the “human version” of your post.  When embedding video into a mobile or “responsive” Wordpress sites from most video sites such as Youtube, you should first install a Wordpress plugin that helps translate video frame size for devices, etc, such as “Advanced Responsive Video Embedder” , otherwise your viewers may see huge or tiny video frames instead of “responsive” adjustable frame sizes. (FYI that plugin was needed for this Hootsuite tutorial video. ) You can often fetch a video from that plugin to automatically handle the video (instead of embedding pasted code.) You should also get a plugin for “video sitemaps” if you have video on your site – this will help your SEO. Same for images which should have an “image sitemap” that pings search engines with your properly-labeled images. For SEO regarding images on this page, notice that the image has proper alt tags, that there is an external link going out to the Hootsuite source page in the text, that the post title and description are contained in the text and are optimized to reflect genuine content and keywords, that no other pages on this site contain the same basic keyword phrase “hootsuite tutorial videos” and that there is an internal link in the content relevant to the page keys (ie. the “contact” link below.)  Don’t stuff keywords into image alt tags and titles, use restraint and unique words for each page. Remember to always test and adjust your posts by viewing them on different devices using different browsers and operating systems.

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