How to enter posts in Wordpress Editorial Calendar

Wordpress Editorial CalendarWordpress Editorial Calendar (a free plugin) schedules and organizes your article posts in a variety of ways. Generally, the Wordpress Editorial Calendar functions help you set up your site to automatically publish your article posts according to a pre-determined schedule. This is helpful for preparing publishing and/or marketing campaigns in advance. It is also a convenient tool that allows users who are allowed to submit articles to the website as “contributors” to notify the site’s editor when a draft article is ready for approval and release.  Once the draft post has been written, edited and approved it will be automatically published by Wordpress according the scheduling indicated.

FREE standard plugin for a Wordpress Editorial Calendar

“Editorial Calendar” is the name of the free plugin most commonly used for basic blog scheduling. You can select automatic publishing schedules by starting in the “Calendar” section (under “Posts” in the left margin of the dashboard) where you enter a draft title on the square of the day you want it to publish itself automatically. When you do this, the Editorial Calendar will create a draft post that is ready for more editing. That post can later be accessed from the “Calendar” or from the “Posts” menu.  Another way you can set up a post for automatic publishing is by starting the post first and then assigning a future publish date (see the right upper margin while you are editing a post.  (Note that this can malfunction at times for some users, test this option before you depend on it for your particular systems.)  There are multiple ways to use this plugin.

Here are screenshots about entering titles into your Wordpress Editorial Calendar before you have created any actual posts – great idea for planning a campaign or tracking your draft ideas!

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step one Editorial Calendar Schedulingstep two Editorial Calendar Schedulingstep three Editorial Calendar Scheduling

There are many Youtube channel tutorials that will demonstrate many ways of using a Wordpress Editorial Calendar. Be sure to test all functions of this for scheduling, especially if submitting draft articles to an editor with the “pending” status. In some cases your editor may not get the notice that your draft is ready for approval depending on your system and whether or not you first entered the draft into the calendar or not (as opposed to writing a draft post first and then dragging it over to the calendar.)  These videos show examples of a simple ways to use the free Wordpress Editorial Calendar in your Wordpress site:

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