Mobile Apps Help Home Buyers

Buying a home? There’s an app for that!

Buying a home can be intimidating for anyone, whether you have purchased a home before or if this is your first time. Today, however, home buyers have a very powerful advantage in the searching process and it fits right in their pockets! Mobile phone applications such as Trulia, Homesnap, and Zillow (just to name a few) are great tools to help homebuyers understand what’s on the market and be more prepared to make the big decision when it comes to their home. I tried out these three top applications and have reviews for you below. (Please keep in mind these are the mobile application versions. There are also tablet and internet versions available).
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Apps for Buying a Home - trulia-mobileTrulia lets you search available listings by area, find open houses to attend, and get basic listing information. The best part about Trulia is it also tells homebuyers which areas are crime ridden or are susceptible to flooding (things you may not consider when looking at homes online). Before these applications, finding this data could take days or weeks or research, so this is a real time saver.

 Apps for Buying a Home - homesnap mobile app Homesnap is another great application that allows you to take a picture of “any” home and find out the details such as number of bedrooms, price, square footage etc. This application is more difficult to start using as your need to either sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account, or link the account to your email and verify. Once you’re in, take a picture of a home and (using GPS) the application pulls up the homes in your area, if it can’t exactly narrow it down. You’re then left with the snapshot you took of your dream home and the details the application pulls from real estate listings. It’s a very personal way to create a “favorites” list of homes you love!

Apps for Buying a Home - zilow-mobileZillow allows you to search available listings by zip code or area. You can also filter the data to get exactly what you’re looking for in terms of number of bedrooms, price, home type (Condo, single family, multi family, commercial etc) and year built. Zillow even has a feature called “Make me Move” where perspective buyers can offer a price on homes not currently for sale. This allows homeowners to get top dollar for their home and decide to leave if the offer is willing to “Make them Move”.

Overall, there isn’t one application that’s better than all the others. Zillow and Trulia are very similar in regards to search function and information provided. Homesnap is a more social application as it allows you to share listings with friends. For searching for homes, users will choose Zillow or Trulia based on preference. Homesnap will only be used by those who are active on social media, or anyone who wants to get some information on a house while walking the dog or driving through a new town. Having all of these applications available in tandem makes you as homebuyers powerful. Use the information to be well informed and make the best decision for your future

Best of luck in the search! Did your favorite application make the list?

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